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Gaston Demotivatior Poster :iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 8 22
Ben 10 Guardians S2: Tennyson in Farmlandp2
(Main building. 20:01)
Later, Wat-Senn was with Ben and Julie outside of the village hall, likely to be kept in the dark of what is going down as Ben paced a bit, annoyed. "UGH...I wish I knew what was going on in there…" Ben muttered in annoyance, especially over what Kundo said as Wat-Senn just relaxed...before casually getting out his plumber's badge.
"Why is he acting like this? I mean...Rook's relative was a Plumber too, was he not?" asked Skurd asked as Ben just continued to grumble in frustration. Julie looked up at this, surprised as did Wat-Senn.
"Wait, where'd you-...the plaque, eh? Take it you found it? Figured someone might…" Wat-Senn said with a sigh as he pressed a button on his badge as the feedback is heard to get a signal without Rook realizing it. "Come on, I'll lead ya'll to the meeting. Make sure that Kundo doesn't do anything stupid." He motioned them along as he says, "Though...I'd suggest stealth." He pressed a button on an ID mask and it made him van
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Ben 10 Guardians S2: Tennyson in Farmlandp1
Okay, here's the next episode. Be warned, however, some new things are gonna come from this chapter and it's only loosely based on the episode from the original show. Yes, it involves Revonnah, but characters that were shown importance later on come in early. Anyway, I do not own Ben 10, Man of Action does. I am just hoping I am entertaining you all.
Tennyson in Farmland
(Outside of Revonnah Orbit. May 3rd, 19:04 earth time)
The Proto-Truk was flying towards a large, dark blue planet with dark clouds and what looks like very rugged terrain from afar. "Wow, those upgrades you and Cooper did to the Proto-Truk has made this able to go far." Julie said, looking at this.
"Indeed. His assistance is greatly appreciated." Rook said, giving a small nod as he sighed a bit. "It is good to be home. Revonnah is a beautiful planet, and my village shall be accepting of you." Ben gave a nod as Skurd gave a small sigh.
"Ah Revonnah. I heard many a great thing of your planet, Rook. I hear it is rather p
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DB/Dof Bio: Raven embraces her Inner Self


Name: Rachel Roth
Alias: Raven (Superhero name), Rae (petname), Witch (By Terra), Rae-Rae (by Mother Mae-Eye), The Gem, Sunshine (by Val-Yore), Henchy (Bad guy alias), Daddy’s Little Girl and Dear Daughter (by Trigon), Mistress of Magic (by Control Freak), The Portal (By Slade)
Age: Approx. 15
Birthday: Unknown Date
Home: Azarath (formerly); Jump City (currently)
Height: 5’4
Weight: Approx. 110
Species: ½ Azarathian, ½ Demon
Afflictions: Teen Titans (founding member), Azarath (formerly), Trigon (unwilling)
Occupation: Full-time Super heroine, Bubblegum Mascot (Japan only), Surrogate parent (To Melvin, Teether and Timmy Tantrum)
First appearance: Go! (S5E10; Chronologically); Divide and Conquer (S1E01; Production)
Mastered magic under the tutelage of Azar and the mages of Azarath
Was able to evade Trigon for years
Help the Titans
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 4 10
Mature content
DB/DoF bio: Kurumu Seduces the Battle :iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 4 11
The Duelists: Armstrong changes Duel of Fates
ShadowDJ: War. It can do a lot of different things for different people. Some are shaken by it, some are molded on the battle field. Some even could break from the pressure created by the trauma of it all. However, these are fighters who are gonna be able to take on threats no matter what, even after the genocides they experienced. However, two individuals have shown to still create a great passion and understanding of life even after the atrocities they have seen.
Saint Andros: Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems and LGBT's best known representive in modern cartoons.
DJ: And Major Alex Louise Armstrong, the Flamboyant Strongarm Alchemist of Full Metal Alchemist.
Andros: I am Saint Andros and he is Shadow DJ, we are here to analyze their backstories, their training and their sheer passion in combat. Look through their ins and outs, as this is...
Alex Louis Armstrong
AKA: The Strong Arm Alchemist
Age: Between 30 and 40 years
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 1 12
The Duelists: Garnet Shines into Duel of Fates
ShadowDJ: War. It can do a lot of different things for different people. Some are shaken by it, some are molded on the battle field. Some even could break from the pressure created by the trauma of it all. However, these are fighters who are gonna be able to take on threats no matter what, even after the genocides they experienced. However, two individuals have shown to still create a great passion and understanding of life even after the atrocities they have seen.
Saint Andros: Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems and LGBT's best known representive in modern cartoons.
DJ: And Major Alex Louise Armstrong, the Flamboyant Strongarm Alchemist of Full Metal Alchemist.
Andros: I am Saint Andros and he is Shadow DJ, we are here to analyize their backstories, their training and their sheer passion in combat. Look through their ins and outs, as this is...
Species: Gem Fusion
Age: 5,000+ years old
Occupation: Guardian of Earth, Le
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DB/DoF Bio: Gwen Tennyson finds the Spark!
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson
Alias: Lucky Girl (Hero identity), Gwen 10 (Alternate Universe duplicate), "Lovely Gwen" (Darkstar's nickname), Freak/Doofus/Big Butt/Dweeb (By Ben as children), Little Lady/Sucker (Hex and Morrg's name), My Girl/Babe/G/Baby (Kevin pet names), Miss Perfect Princess (By Sunny), Cuz (Ben and Sunny), My Favorite Grandchild (Verdona), Princess (Juvie nickname when body switched with Charmcaster)
Age: 16 (Omniverse)
Birthday: December (full-date unknown)
Home: Bellwood

Height: Est. 5'7
Weight: Est. 120 lbs
Species: Human/Anodite Hybrid (3/4 Human, 1/4 Anodite)
Family: Frank and Natalie Tennyson (Parents), Kenneth Tennyson (Older Brother), Carl and Sandra Tennyson (Uncle and Aunt), Benjamin Kirby Tennyson (Cousin), Max and Verdona Tennyson (Parental Grandparents), Sunny (Cousin), Vera (Grandaunt), Peggy (Possible Great-Aunt), Manny (Uncle), Gordon and Betty Jean Tennyson (Granduncle and grandaunt), Joel Tennyson (Cousin once-Rem
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 9 19
Ben 10 Guardians Season 2: Episode 9
Okay, here's the next episode of Ben 10 Guardians. As you know, I only own original concepts on here. Ben 10 as a whole belongs to Man of Action and any original aliens not belonging to me belongs to their creators and I am thankful for any and all help. Please Enjoy!
Every Kid Has Their Day
(Bellwood, USA GrandSmith Industries. May 1st, 10:23 AM)
At the large corporation, formerly the headquarters of fallen-from-grace hero Captain Nemesis, now stood Grandsmith Industries, a new investment owned by Donovan GrandSmith and run by his teenage grandson, Edwin. At his time, the tower stood as a beacon of heroism once more as it also helps finance Ben and his activities, as well as his allies.
At this time, however, Eddie was now in front of a large screen with Ben and Gwen, who were walking into the room with Julie and Rook, had come to see something he wanted to share. "So Eddie, whatcha got for us?" Ben asked, as Eddie smirked a bit.
"Something for your collective PR. After what happened
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 9 93
Ben 10 Guardians Season 2: Unclogging Conspiracies
Okay, time for an original episode this time around. This one focuses closer to the results of the last episode. I do not own Ben 10 as a series, but I have my own ideas with how Omniverse could have been. I hope you all enjoy!
Unclogging Conspiracies
(Bellwood, USA. Plumbers HQ. April 25th, 10:23)
It was a few days since the incident at the Olde Bellwoods Day Festival and the Plumbers were in a very big red zone, especially with many people being all over the place at the HQ, trying to get it set up.
But elsewhere, in a training area, Julie panted a bit as she was currently training with a older girl, around her mid-20s by now, as she ducked around. “Come on, Yamamoto. My grandma fights better.” The woman had short brown hair with a long bang on the right side and wearing a red t-shirt and a pair of black pants.
“Given that I'm sure your grandma was in the Plumbers, I don't doubt it.” Julie said with a few pants. “Come on, Molly! I don't have time for thi
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Ben 10 Guardians: Festival Fever
Well, this should be fun. I do not own Ben 10, but this is gonna get heavy. I hope you all enjoy it!
Festival Fever
(Bellwood, USA. The Bellwood Pier. April 16th, 11:03)
It was a sunny day in Bellwood as Rook's truck parked in front of a large carnival area connected to a pier full of amusement park attractions, including bumper cars, a spinning ride and many other attractions. As well as a sign that reads, 'Happy Bellwood Day' with a large bell being set up.
"So this is a holiday here in Bellwood, correct?" Rook asked as Ben and Julie got out of the front seat, getting ready to go to the main area.
"Yeah, the Olde Bellwoods Day Festival is something that this town has done for awhile." Julie said, as she shrugs. "Okay I moved here when I was like 12, but it is really fun. Plus this year they're doing the main part at the pier. Remember this place, Ben?"
"How could I forget where we went on our first date? Especially given how...well, hectic it was." Ben said, petting Ship at this time
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 6 126
Mature content
ERB: Twilight Sparkle vs. Optimus Prime :iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 2 4
Ben 10 Guardians Season 2: Seeing Rojo
Okay, time to continue this fic. The adventure ahead is going to be a little different, as it's more focused on the techs of the Plumber HQ: Cooper and his two assistants, Blukic and Driba. Enjoy. Any OC aliens belong to their respective owners.
Seeing Rojo
(Bellwood USA. April 4th, 16:30. Midtown.)
People of Bellwood were out and about, enjoying the midday light before a blast from a nearby building is heard as Exershield and Lucky Girl were sent through the air and into a nearby bus, the two groaning. "I had to take that all from you, cous?" Lucky Girl asked, her energy hair ruffled a tad as she glared ahead before seeing Rook, Kevin and Julie getting thrown out as well.
"Trust me...I wouldn't have called if it wasn't important." Exershield said as he powered up a shield to protect the others from a barrage of six energy blasts. "Never knew you'd go full Ranger mode...Rojo." Standing before them, all in color-coded armor, were five women of various ethnicity smirking darkly. The lead
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 7 68
Starfire Motivator Poster :iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 27 21
Ben 10 Guardians S2: The Knights of Round Watch
Okay, time for the return of the knights for this series. I hope you enjoy. And so it's known, I own some of my own alien ideas, anything else belongs to their respective creators and Ben 10 as a franchise belongs to Cartoon Network. Anyway, Enjoy!
The Knights of the Round Watch
(Unknown Location. March 21st, 10:34)
In a laboratory-like building, a figure was looking over blueprints of a suit as a man in a white jacket walked over and took a bow. "Milord, I have found the whereabouts of the weapon." He said, as the figure turned to him calmly.
"And where is that?" He asked, his face hidden behind a metallic mask that gave off a faint shine in the darkness.
"Its been sighted in Bellwood...but that's not the odd thing...the odd part is how it is being used." The man said as he showed a news file online that read the following headline; Gold-clad Figure Stops Bank Heist and shows a picture of a blurry figure with a gold and gray color scheme, making the figure look curiously.
"So...the tr
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Ben 10 Guardians Season 2: Jail Break
Okay...with the ideas I had with this, it's time to get with this. To give a fair warning, there is gonna be a LOT of aliens from both Holycrap1996 (Sorry for the name ^^;) and Zigwolf, along with my own updates on some aliens that can be seen as 'useless' and my own take on a certain alien. It's time to highlight adaptability this time! As you know, I don't own Ben 10. Enjoy!
Jail Break
(Skies over Bellwood. March 14th, 15:35)
Psychobos was flying down towards Earth at this time, as a video was playing near him. Malware hissed as he asks, "Why are you going to Earth, Psychobos?" The crab-like alien only chuckled at this, rubbing his feelers as he looks at him.
"Simple my mechamorphic friend. To fix the Nemetrix, I need to take the regulator out of the Omnitrix...and if the mongrel's damaged state is anything to say, it's as if the regulator can cause great harm to that 'hero', and I use the term loosely." Psychobos said with a dark chuckle as he says, "Besides, Khyber and Orianus is t
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 10 435

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I'll say this, this is a cool version of Eggman. It gives him a more original look, and I like the arm. The art is great, and has a lot...


Gaston Demotivatior Poster
Sarcasm aside...why do people try to defend this guy!? And don't bring up the nonsense about 'Stockholm Syndrome'. I already debunked it earlier. Seriously, I am just curious on this whole thing since he's clearly not a good person. Here's examples;

* sees Belle as a trophy to gain
* Has the wedding set up WAY before she even says yes to his proposal.
* Needs a ego stroke from his tiny man-servant after she said no.
* Wants to incarcerate her father to blackmail Belle into marrying him.
* Leads an attack on the Beast's castle out of jealousy because Belle grew to care for someone else

Seriously, to the people who want to make the Disney Villains into 'unsung heroes' are more oblivious to reality than the villagers.

Gaston belongs to Disney.

Garnet vs. Alex Louis Armstrong by Brave-King-Shishio
ShadowDJ: War. It can do a lot of different things for different people. Some are shaken by it, some are molded on the battle field. Some even could break from the pressure created by the trauma of it all. However, these are fighters who are gonna be able to take on threats no matter what, even after the genocides they experienced. However, two individuals have shown to still create a great passion and understanding of life even after the atrocities they have seen.

Saint Andros: Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems and LGBT's best known representive in modern cartoons.

DJ: And Major Alex Louise Armstrong, the Flamboyant Strongarm Alchemist of Full Metal Alchemist.

Andros: I am Saint Andros and he is Shadow DJ, we are here to analyize their backstories, their training and their sheer passion in combat. Look through their ins and outs, as this is...




Species: Gem Fusion

Age: 5,000+ years old

Occupation: Guardian of Earth, Leader of the Crystal Gems; Soldier of Blue Diamond (Ruby; Formerly); Oracle of Blue Diamond, Aristocrat (Sapphire; formally), Surrogate Mother/Sister and Mentor for Steven Universe

Alias: Perma-Fusion, Power Couple, Mom Universe. "Eternal Flame" (As Ruby), "Sophie", Laughy Saphy and Your Clarity (As Sapphire)

Height: Est. 6-7 ft. Tall (about 4 feet as Ruby and Sapphire each)

Weight: varies (body made of light)

First Appearance: Steven Universe pilot. "Gem Glow" (SU S01E01). "Jail Break" (SU S01E52) (As Ruby and Sapphire)


One of the most stable fusions in the series

-Capable of staying fused for years, while most fusions come apart after a couple hours

Participated in the war between the Homeworld Gems and the Crystal Gems

Is considered the most powerful member of the Crystal Gems

Defeats giant monsters on a regular basis

Can swim in lava and walk on the ocean floor with no ill effects

Defeated a living island with the other Crystal Gems

Punched a Gem monster so hard, that the mountain they were inside began to collapse

Defeated Jasper in physical combat

Poofed Peridot with a single punch

Saint Andros: Several thousand years ago, a civil war between an alien race known as the "Gems"; humanoid beings made entierly of light. In it, there was a rather...unique individual.

ShadowDJ: And quite literally the best symbol for LGBT rights in fiction. This is Garnet, the current leader of the Cyrstal Gems. However, several thousand years ago, they were the loyal servants. No, I am not saying 'They' because she doesn't idetify as 'female' (Which she does)...I am talking about the fact that she's a fusion between these two:

Andros: This is Ruby, a common foot soldier and the personal guard of Sapphire, an aristocrat and member of Blue Diamond's court. For those not in the know, the 'Diamonds' are the absolute authority in Gem society; Blue, White and Yellow. There WAS a Pink one...but she was killed sometime before the wars. At last I assume so...we do not know as of yet on the exact time.

DJ: Anyway, they were sent to Earth to help stop Rose Quartz, as Sapphire believed she saw a vision of her own 'death'-which is kinda cheap given that she could reform later-at the hands of Rose Quartz' warrior. However, when the attack happened, Ruby saved Sapphire from a potentially fatal blow and became...well...

Related image

Andros: BUT After this accidental fusion, the two fled to avoid Ruby's untimely demise and it resulted in the two falling in love; a lowly soldier falling for someone of higher stance, how many times has THAT story been around for?

DJ: But soon after they permanently fused as Garnet to stay together and met back up with Rose Quartz, who encouraged their relationship upon meeting them again, got them to join her as one of her best fighters; Garnet.

Andros: After centuries of loyalty, an event involving a one-man band named Greg universe caused a big change within the gems, as it lead to Rose's death-in which to give birth to Steven and give up her physical form to make sure he can exist-Garnet had to step up because her other two remaining team mates were not exactly leader material; Pearl isn't exactly calm enough to give commands or lead into battle, and Amethyst is too brash and impulsive, all the while Steven is too young.

DJ: But she's not just a leader who stands in the back and watches. OOOH no, she's the strongest member of the Crystal Gems as a whole. And while she may falter a bit due to her stoiciness, she is still rather...well, goofy.

Image result for Steven Universe Garnet sily

Andros: She didn't just step up as a leader for the Gems, she and her friends had to step up as parental figures for Steven as well with his father, Greg Universe. While Pearl is an overbearing mother figure and Amethyst plays the spot of a good playmate for the young preteen (Having been 13 throughout most of the series up until his birthday episode), Garnet is more like Steven's foster mother in terms of how she acts around him. She is protective and nurturing like Pearl, but also a great playmate for him like Amethyst.

DJ: Really, she's Supermom in this show. Heck, out of anyone, Steven looks to her for guidance in most hings and she tries her best to be a good mother figure. But when just nurturing isn't enough, in battle, she shows off her skills in combat. Garnet is a fusion after all, and thus is is the strongest of the crystal gems. She's strong enough to create shock waves when she hits something, shatters marble and stone with ease. And is able to keep up with powerful opponents such as Jasper, the perfect Quartz soldier, and various gem monsters.

Andros: She was able to poof Peridot, who isn't exactly a physical fighter herself, but is incredibly durable. In an episode focusing on her and Steven, it is revealed that Peridot's body can usually take a variety of punishment such as getting hit by boulders and falling off of cliffs...and she was able to take her down with a single blow.

DJ: But she's not just all just muscle however, she's also incredibly fast; her reflexes are so sharp, she's able to react and reflect a bolt of LIGHTNING right before it hits her. A lightning bolt, by the way, travels at 220,000 miles per hour. That's some reaction time!

Andros: And that's not even going into how durable she really is. Gems are actually beings made of light, thus their bodies can adjust in weight, but they are still fairly durable and can take a lot of damage. She can even swim through lava like it was a pool. She even has goggles for it.

Image result for GArnet swimming goggles

DJ: ...Huh, neat. But she's not gonna get tired despite all of this. A Gem warrior has an endless supply of stamina and can go on for centuries without having to eat, drink or sleep. They still do it, but out of pleasure more so than actual necessity. Heck, the Crystal Gems have been around for thousands of years, so they aren't dying of old age.


Superhuman Strength

-The strongest of the Crystal Gems

-Her punches can create shockwaves

-Knocked Amethyst to the ground with the strength to create a crater

-Flipped a wrestling ring with one punch

-Matched Jasper in physical strength

-Sent Amethyst flying with a palm strike

-Can casually lift and throw giant rocks

-Her punches easily crack the ground

-Knocked over a large pillar with a single kick

-Lifted a falling car

-Threw Amethyst at a giant floating eye in the sky

-When her punch collided with an attack of equal strength, it left a giant imprint in the ground under her

-Held back Jasper's Comet Charge, which can plow through the floor of a Gem warship

-Poofed Peridot, who has survived being crushed by boulders and falling off cliffs, with one punch

Superhuman Speed and Reflexes

-Casually reacted to a bolt of lightning

 - A lightning bolt travels at 220,000 miles per hour.

-Dodged a barrage of spikes fired at her

-Can punch hundreds of times in a couple seconds

Superhuman Durability

-Didn't react to getting hit multiple times with a baseball bat

-Has tanked through getting crushed by falling rocks

-Got back up after getting punched through several layers of rock

-Took hits from Jasper

-Can easily swim around in lava

-Got back up after getting crushed by a building

Endless Stamina

-Can't get tired

Has no need to eat, drink, or sleep

Can't die from aging or food poisoning

-Pretty much immortal

Andros: Her power comes from the gem stones in her palms. A Gem is basically the source of the life force in a Gem from Homeworld or the Crystal Gems. Her's are placed in her palms, but the gems can be in any part of the body; the chest, the back, the forehead, even where an eye would be.

DJ: And it's also where she has to go if she's hurt too much. If that happens, she has to go back into her gems to heal from any and all wounds, but will have to go back to Ruby and Sapphire to heal from the wounds. However, they are also the place where she places her weapons of choice. and here's how she summons them;

(Garnet: You can link your mind with the energy of all existing matter. Collecting the collective power of the universe into your gem.

DJ: These weapons are a pair of gauntlets she makes by 'Collecting hte power of the universe' or something like that. I swear she says stuff like that to just be 'deep'. However, despite that little factoid, her gauntlets are actually VERY powerful. The feats of strength mentioned earlier? Some can be done without these bad boys, but most of the time she uses them to take on threats like the Centipeddle monster and Jasper's charging attack.

Andros: She is also able to fire them out at projectiles, and can even reform them after they are fired. They seem to be unbreakable given the abuse they can go through without breaking. However, recently her gauntlets were upgraded by the Crystal Gem's long-lost blacksmith, Bismuth-which is a metal, not a gemstone-to craft spikes onto the ends of the knuckles.


The source of power for all Gems

Located in the palms of her hands

Take the form of a pair of garnets

-Has two due to being a fusion

If she's taken too much damage, Garnet can retreat into her gems to regenerate

-Reverts her back to Ruby and Sapphire in the process

Can be used to store and summon objects

-Contain a pair of goggles for when Garnet travels underwater


Garnet's main weapons

-Summoned by channeling the powers of the universe through her gems

Enhance the strength of her punches

Seemingly unbreakable

Can be fired off like rockets

Bismuth upgraded them to include spikes on the knuckles

By charging power into them, Garnet can greatly increase their size

-Increases their strength, but slows Garnet down in the process

DJ: But these aren't the only uses of a gem. You see, they are also able to manipulate their physical form in various ways. Either by extending limbs, changing physical form and even copying appearances. This is also because they are made out of light, not any real flesh and blood. Thus they can have any look they want, but it comes with their own specific preferred state.

Andros: However, she also has a few unique powers. This includes Electrokinesis, which likely explains how she redirected a blast of lightning earlier. She has enough charge to refuel a car battery or an unplugged arcade machine unhindered. This is because each of her halves have their own unique power in elements; sapphire can manipulate freezing temperatures, while Ruby can manipulate heat.

DJ: Another of Sapphire's powers she gains is Future Vision, basically a sort of rudimentary clairvoyance. This allows her to make predictions of any and all possible futures. From her third eye, she can see even the most improbable situation occur in the future. this has led her however to fully entrust in any and all outcomes, so thus likely is prepared for most situations.

Andros: She is also able to give this power to others via a kiss on the forehead, as she has shown to Steven in the past. This is usually to aid him in missions alone. Also from Ruby comes a very high tolerance for heat, allowing her to swim through lava and no even react to getting scalding hot liquid spilled on her by accident. Most people would be cringing at the thought of that, but Garnet is not phased at all.



-Changes a Gem's physical form

-A Gem's body isn't their actual form, letting them manipulate it into whatever they want


-Garnet can generate and manipulate electricity

-Can release electromagnetic pulses from her body

Future Vision

-Lets Garnet see multiple future outcomes and possibilities with her third eye

-Doesn't always show the exact outcome

-Shown outcomes can be ridiculously improbable

Power Transference

-Can grant her future vision to other people through lip contact

-Only temporary

Heat Resistance

-Didn't react to getting scalding hot coffee spilled on her

-Can swim around in lava

DJ: But do not misunderstand this; Despite ow powerful Garnet is, she's not unstoppable nor 100% invincible. If she takes enough damage or is stabbed in any way, it can result in her body being broken down and having to go back into her more vulnerable gem states. This can also be used with a sort of Gem Destabilizer, which can be used to destabilize their bodies. This is a very potent weapon that the Homeworld made against the Gems.

Andros: And that's only if they stay whole. You damage the gems at all, there is a strong possibility that Garnet could become a Gem monster.

Image result for gem monsters steven universe

DJ: Which are these mutated monsters made from gems who got corrupted via damage or some sort of unknown force that the Diamonds can weaponize. If you shatter them, they are basically dead. Another issue she has is being unable to figureo ut how to do things outside of battle, leading to rather...awkward situations so thus she can't always read the room.

Andros: This can also lead to her having her fusion become unstable if the two halves ever get disconnected or in a disagreement. This usually ends up leading to the two halves splitting up and can take awhile for them to refuse, typically it takes them making up to get back to fusion.


If she takes to much damage, Garnet has to retreat back to her gems to regenerate

-Reverts her back to the much weaker Ruby and Sapphire once she's finished

If her fusion becomes unstable, will split back into Ruby and Sapphire

Damage to her gems

-If the gems are cracked, Garnet will slowly be corrupted into a monster

-If her gems are destroyed completely, she will die

Gem Destabilizes

-Forces her to retreat into her gems for a couple hours

Not very skilled in solving problems outside of combat

DJ: Despite these set backs, Garnet is a passionate warrior who's lead the Crystal Gems through a whole mess of battles since becoming leader the past 14 years in-universe. She's dealt with all kinds of monsters, the death of her former leader, the loss of her original life on Homeworld and many other tragedies, including losing many of her friends during the Gem war.

Andros: But she doesn't let these losses get her down, she steels her nerves and becomes a greater warrior because of it. As they say, what does not kill you only makes you grow stronger. and with the Crystal Gems by her side and the eternal love flowing in her body, Garnet is prepared for any challenger that comes her way.

(Garnet: You gotta a lot of nerve taking refuge here. Of all places! And I don't know what you get from attacking humans in your dead-beat escape pod. And if you think you're safe here, well I got news for you. You lost! Now! Stay off my planet!)


DJ: Hey guys, hoped you enjoyed this first part of this. For the part about Garnet's opponent, the Strongarm alchemist himself Alex Armstrong, click on the link in the description below. Wait for both parts before you let us know who you guys think will win in this duel. And don't be impatient when these two finally clash gloves in the Duel of Fates!
The Duelists: Garnet Shines into Duel of Fates
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(Main building. 20:01)

Later, Wat-Senn was with Ben and Julie outside of the village hall, likely to be kept in the dark of what is going down as Ben paced a bit, annoyed. "UGH...I wish I knew what was going on in there…" Ben muttered in annoyance, especially over what Kundo said as Wat-Senn just relaxed...before casually getting out his plumber's badge.

"Why is he acting like this? I mean...Rook's relative was a Plumber too, was he not?" asked Skurd asked as Ben just continued to grumble in frustration. Julie looked up at this, surprised as did Wat-Senn.

"Wait, where'd you-...the plaque, eh? Take it you found it? Figured someone might…" Wat-Senn said with a sigh as he pressed a button on his badge as the feedback is heard to get a signal without Rook realizing it. "Come on, I'll lead ya'll to the meeting. Make sure that Kundo doesn't do anything stupid." He motioned them along as he says, "Though...I'd suggest stealth." He pressed a button on an ID mask and it made him vanish from sight as he put it on.

Julie nods as she says, "Ship, Stealth." Ship nods as he wraps around her, turning on her stealth suit as she vanished. Ben slammed down on the Omnitrix...turning into a small flea-like alien.

"The Itch? Well...better than nothin'." said the flea-like alien as he jumped ahead as Skurd rolled his eyes. Stinkfly's wings withdrew out of its back to allow for more distance as they flew around, Wat-Senn whispering to them to keep ahead as they went to a room; the senior Plumber setting a signal up for them to be able to hear what is being said.

Inside, the Revonnahganders were in front of a large glowing crystal as various smaller ones were hung all around, Rook sitting across from where Kundo would sit as the older Revonnahgander began to pace, frowning a bit.

"You have been a grave disappointment, Rook Blonco. Allowing yourself to be tempted by the same folly as your uncle, to betray our people by leaving Revonnah...and allowing off worlders to come during our most sacred of times." Kundo said, his tone icy as Rook clenched a fist.

"With all due respect, mentor, but this is a grave issue that is not just in our village. And do not bring my uncle into this. Rook Fra sacrificed his to save our planet. It is why I wanted to be a hero like him." Rook said, as Kundo scoffed at this.

"So little you children know of your own uncle...and of your pure irony…" said Kundo, as Da was about to stand up but Kundo only glared at him, stopping him in his tracks as Shar looked at her younger siblings in concern.

"What does he mean?" Itch asked himself, as he pressed his ear against the door as he snuck under the crack, buzzing around to avoid light...only to see an odd-looking lantern as he says, "Oooh...pretty…" He started to fly towards it.

"No, it is a trap!" Skurd said, slapping him in the face with a tentacle, snapping the flea-like alien out of it. The Itch hastily nodded, flying to a spot to get a good view. Kundo sneered at the Rook family as he put his hands behind his back.

"For those that aren't aware or too young to remember, many years ago a group of Plumbers came to Revonnah as a rogue agent came to our planet. Your uncle, Rook Fra, took him on and tried to fight him but was ended by a blast from the agent's own laser." He advanced forward, leaning into Rook's face and growling darkly, eyes ablaze as he hissed, "Burned through his heart in an instant… he was dead before he even hit the floor. Unlike what that Wat-senn character says, they pollute the universe with their brazen disregard for other planets sanctities. Try to make themselves the 'law' of this galaxy. Despite that many just wish to remain on their own." Kundo explained, as the Revonnahganders just looked unsure.

"Kundo…" Rafi whispered in a warning tone as Da looked to the side at this, sighing a bit as Rook got up, glaring at his mentor.

"That is not true, Master Kundo!"a voice shouted in protest. Kundo's head swerved to the side to Young One, who glared at the older Revonnahgander. Kundo response was merely another curl of his lips into a sneer. "The Plumbers protected us from the Highbreed, remember? Wat-Senn stayed after the invasion to make sure no one could hurt us. All the while we are stuck behind the walls!"

"Young One, do not speak out of turn…" Bralla said in concern, as the Itch watched in concern for the kid as Rook stood in front of Kundo, glaring at him.

"Mother, Young One is correct. I have been beyond the wall for a couple of years now. And it reminded me of what Rook Fra wanted for the Revonnahganders of this village; to be able to not be afraid of what is beyond the stars. Something you clearly want us to continue to do. You may be my mentor and a respected elder, Kundo...but you are wrong about the Plumbers. They wish to protect our world and many others." Rook said, as Kundo clenched his fist in anger at the insolence. Rook looked to his father, seeing the uncertainty on the older being's face. " you not see what is going on? Our way of life is in danger, but Kundo doesn't want us to do anything!"

"THAT is because it was because of outside influence that this is even occurring! If it was not for the Plumbers, no one would even come here!" Kundo said, his tone dark and filled with a warning. "It is just like you, Rook insolent and brazen fool of a boy as your uncle before you. I guess I must show you discipline that your father clearly failed to do."

"My father is twice a man you are." Rook said, his eyes narrowing a bit. Kundo's lips curled into a ferocious snarl and his fist immediately clenched. The warrior lifted his arm in the air to strike, but Da's eyes widened when he saw this.

"Son, move!" Da said as he pushed his son aside, and took the blow as he got sent back, the Itch's eyes widening in horror as he saw Da hit the ground with a grunt.

"FATHER!" his children cried in horror as they rushed over to him, as Kundo scoffed at this as he walked over, his hand shimmering with a strange orange aura. The Itch saw this and glared darkly, slamming down on the Omnitrix as a faint glow came from above.

"Pathetic...I come to discipline this wretched child but you can't take that sight, can you? Well...may as well discipline you as well...make an example…" Kundo said as suddenly got tackled from behind as he saw Crashhopper glaring at him, his green eyes narrowed darkly.

"What was that you said about 'brazen disregard'?" Crashhopper said, glaring at this. "Because all I'm getting is some old creep who is so xenophobic that you're locking up your own people in a prison. Just to hide them from the outside world. You just want to be locked up in your own little box...but I'm not just gonna stand around and let you bully my friend's family." Crashhopper said with a warning tone as Da looked at this with surprise as Kundo glared at this.

"Brazen little…" He got into a stance as he slammed his fist forward, but Crashhopper ducked around and kicked him away, nodding to Skurd who nod back as he glowed a bit, making Kundo's eyes widen in shock as Slamstrike appeared before him, his eyes narrowed

"Try this!" he said as he got onto his back as he sent out a barrage of palm energy that sent the master of Revonnah Kai back as he tried in vain to block with a spin of his staff, but the impacts of the attacks shattered the weapon and sent him back a bit as he gave a small cry.


The last strike came from the final blow, sending him back a bit as Skurd gave a stern nod as he says, "And that should teach you some manners, good sir." Skurd said as Slamstrike turned back into Ben, glaring at him as Kundo groaned a bit.

"And that was for badmouthing Rook's family, jerk." Ben said as he went over to check on Da. "You okay, sir?" He asked, as Julie and Wat-Senn came in after hearing the commotion.

"...Yes, I am. Thank you, O-...Ben 10." Da said with a small grunt. "Find out who is doing this...please." Rook Da said as Rook nods, as he looks at Shar who nods.

"We will look after him and Kundo. You four go look them." Shar said as Ben nods, as they went towards a window. Julie nod to Ship, who jumps out and turns into his space ship form, as the three went on as Wat-Senn jumped in too.

"I got that miner's pack. It'll lead us to where they came from." Wat-Senn said as Julie sighed a bit, sitting down from the stress of the situation.

"Wow...that was crazy…" Julie groaned as Rook nods, sitting down as he rubbed his head. "So much for this trip being relaxing, huh?"

"I apologize for Kundo's actions...but you are right, Ben...he is only keeping my people our own culture, there are many traditions my grandmother told me of that have not been celebrated in years. Thanks to his more...isolated tendencies." Rook gave a soft sigh at this, looking outside as the ship went overhead, looking over the sight of other villages that were farther away...and saw that there was damage to some of the fields.

"Whatever is going's gonna have to involve those Mega-Muroids." Wat-Senn said, reading the signals as he says, "That hill up head. It's coming from there." He said, as Ship landed near the hill before letting everyone off. "I'll stay here to keep an eye no things." Julie nods, as she pressed a button on her badge, causing her pink uniform to form over her.

"It's an official mission, right?" Julie asked as Ben shrugs, zipping up his coat as he nods to Rook, who nods back as as they snuck through the rocky terrain...and came across a large collection of nests surrounding what looks like a large black and gray space ship.

"Whoa…" Ben said, seeing a conveyer belt form as Rook took pictures with his Proto-Tool's scanner, before seeing someone walk up to the end of it, taking the liquid at the end.

"That is...concentrated Amber Ogia...the Amber Ogia juice is very volatile unless treated right. It's why it is good fuel...but very few can treat it correctly, as that is lost knowledge to us." Rook explained as Ben nods, seeing the person was a towering individual with dark gray armor with spikes on the wrists, boots and neckline, and a head that looked like a spiky-mouthed skull with a metal cap on it, his eyes dark orange.

"Vulkanus? Here?" Ben asked, surprised as Julie checked around and saw another familiar face and turned Ben and Rook in that direction, as they saw Fistrick with the Muroids, smirking a bit as he was looking over a light yellow vial of liquid as he put it into a device. "And Fistrick too?"

"Gotta say, big man. I'm impressed. With enough of this stuff, that starbeam I built from that techadon tech is gonna be awesome. AND with the tests done on these rats, I think I finally got my Broesence Steroid into it's final stages. Now I can use it to even the score with Tennyson, that hick sidekick and his hussy."

"WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?" Julie yelled out in annoyance but Ben covered her mouth after the outburst, but Fistrick looked around in confusion as Julie fumed in annoyance at that insult.

Vulkanus shrugged as he says, "Anyway...I got the harvesters set up for the next run. It's that village with a wall...these will knock them down easy." He said as he snapped his fingers as several Miners came out, all piloting large mechs with tankers on the back for the juices of the amber ogia, as they headed out.

"If they use those harvesters, they are gonna destroy the fields. Our entire way of life will be gone...and my people will lose our culture." Rook clenched his fist as Julie and Ben shared a look and nods.

"Rook, take Julie and Wat-Senn back to the village with Ship. Skurd and I got Fistrick and Vulkanus." He said as Rook nods, Ship turning into a motorcycle as Julie got on top with Rook holding onto her shoulders, as it grew out a sidecar for Wat-Senn as it drove off, Ben slamming down on the Omnitrix

"SHOCKSQUATCH!" The giant ape-like alien said as he jumped down, glaring as Fistrick got the vial at the ready when he heard him...but smirked as he attached the vial to a strange wrist guard.

"So, you're here, eh? Wanted to wait...but I guess now is a good time." He said as he activated it, Vulkanus smirking a bit as Fistrick's body began to expand a bit, his irises shining a bit of an amber color as his body began to shine from his veins, growing out a bit in height and width, turning into a 7 foot tall goliath with sharpen teeth and wilder-looking spiked mohawk. "BRO!" He roared out, smirking a bit. "A'right, let's rock this!"

"Must be a lot of testosterone in that…" said Skurd as he shifted something onto Shocksquatch's blue fur began to form as he nods, showing they were now Shocksquatch-sized versions of Fasttrack's feet, making him move faster as he sent an electric punch at him, sending him back a bit.

"How'd you two punks get to Revonnah? Why attack these people?" The bigfoot-like alien demanded, as Fistrick moved around the blasts as the ape fired a blast of lightning, but he just kicked it away with his insulated boots, smirking a tad.

"Vulkanus wanted my tech to empower something...I needed a component for my steroid. Seemed even." Fistrick as he smirked a bit. "Think about it; with this stuff, any two bit punk could become strong enough to take you on. And so you know...this stuff is permanent." He slammed a fist down, but Skurd smirked as he gained Ball Weevil's mouth and horns and fired out a barrage of slime pellets, sending Fistrick back a bit from the miniature explosives.

"So you're permanently ugly…" Shocksquatch said, Vulkanus smirking a bit as he cracked his robotic knuckles. "And why do you care? Don't you own my planet or somethin'?"Vulkanus sneered at that, annoyed.

"I had to give the deed to the Galactic Government...they said I was irresponsible with it." Vulkanus said with a sneer, glaring at this time as he slammed his fist down, creating a shockwave as it sent im back a bit with a screech. "But you won't have to worry about that…" e picked up Shocksquatch by the head and says into a communication, "Port us up." Suddenly he, the Miners and Fistrick vanished with the large ape in a beam of light.

(Back at the village. 21:45)

Ship came back to the village with Julie, Wat-Senn and Rook in tow as he stops, avoiding skidding too much as Wat-Senn got up, glaring ahead. "Warriors, to us!" Rook said as several warriors came out with spears and flares. "The Muroids are coming in force!"

The group sees the harvesters arriving as Da frowned a bit, coming up with a cane as he says, "How are we to stop these creatures and their machines, Blonco?"

"I can use my armors to help. Anyone here know Revonnah Kai besides Rook?" Julie asked as Kundo's former disciples came up, as did a familiar sight; the outsider from earlier.

"I am Ran Zarif, by the way. Thank you for saving my life." Zarif said as Rook gave him a nod, patting his shoulder as he got out a pair of tonfa-like weapons from his sleeve, glaring at the monsters as Shar got her own spear.

"Alright...aim for the Muroids and the pilots, take them out., the machines will go down with them." Rook said as he got his Proto-Tool's staff out while Julie powers up as she nods.

"Ship...Hunter mode."Julie smirked as Ship glowed, forming over Julie as she started to gain a couple feet. The armor had a canine-like appearance at about 7 feet tall with razor sharp energy claws coming from her hands with robotic legs to allow for quick movements and a visor that can track via infrared and X-ray visions, as well as pointed 'ears' on the head area with a circular form on the forehead of the helmet. She then jumped up, slashing through hte robot's legs and ripping open the front to get the miner out.

Zan and the other Revonnah Kai fighters took on the others as Shar led the farmers with some skill with their blades to take on the Miners inside of the harvesters, Rook slamming a few aside as Wat-Senn got ready.

"Okay...time ta use my gun." He said, getting his pistol it began to expand, becoming five-times larger with a large cannon-like mussel with faint blue lining to it as he held it in both hands. He then fired giant rounds towards the harvesters and Muroids, causing explosive bursts to send them back.

"Awesome! expression" Young One cheered and later clarified for his mother, seeing this with the others as Shar watched Rook, Julie and Wat-Senn fighting them off with a faint look of awe.

"That is amazing." Shim said, her voice soft as Shi nods eagerly as the harvesters got some of the Ogia, but saw they were overrun as one got slammed down by Zarif. He then sent a burst of chi into it, sending the miner out.

Zarif saw some of the remaining fly away as Da asks, "Blonco, where are they going?" He ducked from an attack of a Muroid as he blasted it.

"Good question…" Rook said as he pressed a button on his badge. "Ben, are you there?"

"We are quite in a predicament, Rook Blonco…" Skurd said on the other end, as Rook looked confused as Julie looked up, Ship's sensor's getting something.

"What do you mean a 'predicament', Skurd? Where are you?" Rook asked as Julie's eyes shrank a bit nervously, as she pokes at Rook's shoulder.

"Rook...Ship is picking up a radio signal...coming from out of orbit...there's some sort of spacecraft floating overhead." Julie said, as Rook went wide eyed.

"It's a Techadon Starbeam. A level 8 weapon that can destroy planets with the right power source. We are currently in it." Skurd said on the other end, as Rook looked at his badge with a panicked expression.

"WHY!?" Rook asked hastily as Skurd gave a nervous chuckle, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"Well, you see…"

"...We're stuck." Was Skurd's flat reply on the ship as he was put into a small brace-like device to keep his limbs from moving while Shocksquatch's arms were moved in energy cuffs to keep him from slamming on the insignia to switch or to use his electrokinesis.

"How long til you time out?...and how are you even able to communicate?" Julie asked on the other end.

"It's a simple thing called a 'voice command.' If this device's master control was on, we wouldn't even be having to wait til timeout…much to my annoyance...and somehow they got a DNA inhibitor collar...which is degrading I might add!" Skurd yelled out to Fistrick, who rolled his eyes.

"Seriously Tennyson, where do you get these annoying sidekicks? I thought your broad was annoying." Fistrick said, as Shocksquatch growled a bit at that insult towards Julie.

"Ya know, the minute I'm out of these cuffs, I am gonna smack that grin off ya face." Shocksquatch muttered as Skurd was frowning a bit, looking around as Vulkanus smirked as the remaining Harvesters put the liquid inside.

"Given how much of a pain they have been...time to get some fun…" Vulkanus smirked as he pressed some buttons to get the cannon charged up. "Now for the shift to high gear." Shocksquatch saw this...but realized what he said.

"...Shift...shift...that's it! Skurd, activate that Quick Shift thing Rook's little bro turned on!" Shocksquatch commanded as Skurd gave a small nods as he concentrated, trying to get into the device and nods.

"Okay, Quick Shift on." Skurd said as a holographic screen appeared from the Omnitrix insignia as a set of 10 spots. "Huh, looks like...a playlist."

"Please select up to 10 of unlocked samples." the AI says as Skurd looked around and nods, an idea forming.

"Four samples; Pyronite, Rapterian, Tetramand and Vaxasaurian. Activate." Skurd said as the quickshift put the faces on for Heatblast, Kickin' Hawk, Four-Arms and Humungousaur. Suddenly Ben shined brightly and turned into Heatblast, smirking a bit.

"ALRIGHT!" He said as he combusted a burst of intense heat, destroying the energy cuffs and the collar on Skurd, as he smirked a bit and added an additional thing onto Heatblast's arms; gaining crystals akin to Diamondhead's own and fires it out, shattering the controls with the concussive crystals, making the engine turn off as he smirks.

"GET HIM!" Fistrick roared as the miners all charged, but Heatblast was quickly changed into Kickin' Hawk, who smirks as he jumps away, ducking around as Skurd just as quickly gave him a new weapon; Exershield's energy palms as he forms a barrier around them before he sent a kicking barrage of them, using the barriers to make the pickaxes not hit him as he smirked a bit.

The miners all panted as he jumped up to the ceiling as he slams his palm down, releasing a green forcefield down and slams them down, making them groan a bit as Kickin' Hawk jumped up and turned into Four-Arms with a quick flash, glaring at Vulkanus who roared out and slams a fist at him, who ducked around as he nods.

"Try this." Skurd said as he turned Four-Arm's upper arms into Frankenstrike's arms with the large spires growing out of his back before slamming them onto his armor, creating powerful blasts of electricity as it began to fall apart.

"Ah man…" Vulkanus muttered as he pressed a button on the harness for his armor, making it vanish as Fistrick growled.

"YOU COWARD! That's it, I'm gonna rip you in half, bro!" Fistrick said as he jumped at him, but Four-Arms shined into Humongasaur quickly before slamming him with his tail, growing into about 40 feet tall and glaring him down.

"Nice try, smallfry." Humungousaur said as he nods to Skurd, who smirks deviously as he stretches out into Humungousaur's arms and chest, creating a familiar core-like growth as planet-like rocks began to form.

"Oh no. No-no-no! Not again!" Fistrick roared out as Humungousaur's hand went out, glowing a bit as he smirked a bit, slamming him around the room.

"YOU. ARE. SO. OBNOXIOUS!" Humungousaur roared out as Fistrick groaned a bit as Ben turned back to normal, with the giant down and out. "Okay, that was fun...better take this out." Skurd nods as he sparked up a bit with Heatblast's fire before lasting it out towards the base. "Ben?"

"On it." Ben said as he slams down, turning into Telebug. "Telebug!" He said as his antenna's shined a bit, as Skurd turned grew out Squidstrictor limbs before Telebug concentrated hard, making them all vanish as the star device exploded.

(The next day…)

(Village square. May 5th, 08:45)

After the insanity of the other night, Ben and his friends had Fistrick and the Miners incarcerated within Wat-Senn's makeshift jail...with Kundo standing in front of his people in front of the jail, a dark scowl on his face. "This is a mistake…" Kundo sneered as Wat-Senn gave him a scowl.

"Sorry ta burst ya'll's bubble, partner. But you turned your own village into an isolated police state. The Plumbers ain't too kindly on that. And your people have spoken. As of are to step down as the village elder." Wat-Senn said, as he gave a frown and slapped a device on his wrist, making him sneer. "AND under house arrest for assaultin', manipulation and many other accounts we can talk 'bout later."

"This is absurd...who is going to run this village when I am locked away like an animal? Or continue the work of Revonah Kai?!" Kundo sneered as Zarif walked up, smirking a bit.

"My elder was my mentor. Said I had the best skills in Revonnah Kai in many harvests, so the villagers here all said they'd like me to take over." Zarif smirked as Kundo growled in rage, as Rafi walked up, making him look in shock.

"And I am now the head of the village council. Sorry, Kundo." Rafi said, though her smirk showed she wasn't being genuine as he was taken along.

"You will all see! You need me! I am going to fight this, you hear me?! And when I do, you are all going to see I am right!" Kundo roared in anger, while Da just watched with Bralla.

"Hmm, the land has been kind despite the setbacks...and our son has helped bring a better future." He said as he saw Jury Rigg messing with the metal of the now broken harvesters, making something with it.

"Hmm...I call that art, don't you?" Skurd stated in satisfaction, as Da looked in shock as a small tear appeared in his eye, as Jury Rig smirked a bit.

"Yep-yep-yep. Granny Rook told us how Fra looked...and jut went from there." Jury Rigg said with a smirk as, using the metal and crafting it, he made a metal statue of a young Revonnahgander dressed in a orange attire with a sickle in hand, but wearing a Plumber's badge on his right side of his chest.

"That is...very kind of you, Mr. Tennyson...thank you." Da said, as Jury Rigg gave a smirk...but then heard a squeal of excitement as the two turned to see Rook being tackled hugged by Rayona, who was smiling eagerly.

"Yes, Rook Blonco! I accept!" She said, as Rook just chuckled a bit as Da grew curious...but then smiled as he saw the yellow gem on her forehead as Young One came up eagerly.

"Did you ask?" Young one asked as Rook nods, smiling at his younger brother as Rayona hugged him tightly. "Hurray! Rayona is now my sister!" Rayona smiled at him and ruffled his head.

"Heh, nice!" said Jury Rigg as he turned back to normal...only not wearing his usual attire, making the Rook family matriarch and patriarch stare at him oddly, Rook to look in utter shock and Young One to stifle a laugh while Rayona giggled.

"What? We were told Ben here is wearing traditional attire for the festivities." Skurd said, as Ben was currently clad in a dark violet robe with stylized flowers on the lower part of it and black rims, with a 5-pointed headdress. Skurd was even wearing the headdress, showing he was part of the attire. "He even gave me the ceremonial headdress."

"..." All the Rooks began to laugh at this as Bralla says, "M-Mr. Tennyson...that is a woman's traditional attire." Both Ben and Skurd went dead silent as they saw Shar, Shim and Shi come out with Julie, all talking and wearing similar attire as Julie stared at Ben...and bit back a laugh.

"...Well, looks like one of us needs to change." Julie smirked as the two gave the child a death glare, who was snickering a it.

"...Our dignity may be dead now..but you are going to join it!" Skurd said as Young one laughed and ran away from the now angry shapeshifters, who chased after them.

"Get back here, you little stinker!" Ben said as the Rook family all shared a laugh at the hijinx, they all finding it funny to see the hero of the galaxy dressed in female's clothing. Rook watched as he saw his father laugh in the first time in a long while, as well as seeing his shy younger sister showing more enthusiasm. He gave a small smile as he kissed Rayona's head and looked to the sky, looking at the sight of the many suns over their heads, that shined down on the memorial of Rook Fra, his plague placed on the bottom part of the statue.

End of Episode 10

Well, that as an insane time. I like to thank Wildgun-Edge and Chann101 with their help in this, as well as Kevfilms2x2 and many others who helped me this far. Especially to Edge as one of my new Beta-Readers and helped with a lot of concepts here. Next time is a more...original episode and apologies for the long wait. Here's the bios for the two new aliens:

Slamstrike (Based on Zigwolf's version but my take): A large, red creature with a humanoid build and a black helmet-styled head with yellow-green eyes, but with a large mouth on his abdomen with large teeth and black lips, medium-sized arms with fairly large four-fingered hands in comparison to a human (akin to a gorilla's), yellow bulbs on his arms and dinosaur-like feet and a long tail, clad in a white pair of pants with black boots and white and black gloves with elbow-length sleeves attached, the Omnitrix insignia on his neck area attached to a collar of sorts.
Powers: Has super strength (is equal to Four Arms in strength) with a powerful grip, high durability but has the ability to create energy that can create a shockwave from slapping his hands together in a clapping motion or, with a palm strike, can create a small burst of force that can knock out opponents with a rapid fire attack, releasing multiple energy attacks.
Weaknesses: Large size can make him kinda klutzy, his strong hands aren't delicate enough to pick up something without squishing/crushing, can't fit in some structures, can't always control where his 'palm beams' can go.
Species: Makuyama
Home World: Nobunda (named after the warlord who popurliazed Sumo Wrestling, Oda Nobunaga)
Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz (Star Platinum from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure)

Uniburn (Based on Zigwolf's version but my take): is about 9 feet tall with white furred equine creature with a humanoid being with three-fingered hands that have thick hoof-like hands, a muscular but lean build with a black mane tied in a ponytail with a curved blue horn coming out of his forehead, yellow-green eyes with black pupils under a spartan-style helmet and wearing black armor with white padding, with his lower body connecting to a strange looking 'wheel'-like protrusion that looks like a large orb made out of a sort of pearl-like shape, with his belt having the Omnitrix insignia on it.
Powers: Is able to move at supersonic speed (About 300 mph), can store kinetic energy into his pearl-like sphere to store up energy to create powerful pulses of kinetic energy, can absorb kinetic energy from other attacks if able to prepare for it, and can do the following with stored energy: Can double in speed for a short burst to create a sonic boom, can shoot out orange-sized balls of energy from his horn and can even create a sort of miniature explosion if absorbed enough kinetic power.
Weaknesses: Wheel-like sphere on where legs would be for movement can make him trip up if something gets in the way, can't absorb energy besides kinetic, can't always stop on a dime and has to slow down manually before he can stop his charge, needs to prepare for combat-based absorbing to keep up, and can over charge himself if he doens't expell the energy fast enough.
Species: Accelicorn
Homeworld: Motoquine
Voice Actor: Wayne Grayson (Joey Wheeler from YuGiOh)

Ben 10 Guardians S2: Tennyson in Farmlandp2
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Synopsis: Ben and Julie go with Rook to a harvest festival on his home planet, though Ben has a hard time fitting in with Rook's family, which leads to some awkward moments with his much more stingy parent. But Ben can get a second chance, as he has to help stop Fistrick and Vulcanus from taking the food supply from the people of Ravanha.

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Okay, here's the next episode. Be warned, however, some new things are gonna come from this chapter and it's only loosely based on the episode from the original show. Yes, it involves Revonnah, but characters that were shown importance later on come in early. Anyway, I do not own Ben 10, Man of Action does. I am just hoping I am entertaining you all.

Tennyson in Farmland

(Outside of Revonnah Orbit. May 3rd, 19:04 earth time)

The Proto-Truk was flying towards a large, dark blue planet with dark clouds and what looks like very rugged terrain from afar. "Wow, those upgrades you and Cooper did to the Proto-Truk has made this able to go far." Julie said, looking at this.

"Indeed. His assistance is greatly appreciated." Rook said, giving a small nod as he sighed a bit. "It is good to be home. Revonnah is a beautiful planet, and my village shall be accepting of you." Ben gave a nod as Skurd gave a small sigh.

"Ah Revonnah. I heard many a great thing of your planet, Rook. I hear it is rather pleasant in temperature, the mountains are very high but bustling with nutrients for that...weird fruit you always blathered on...Amber Ogia, yes?" Skurd said as Rook nods. "Sounds quite relaxing."

"Do not think this is merely a vacation, there is gonna be work involved." Rook mentioned as Julie nods, understanding.

"We got that. Ben told me that when he was twelve, he helped work on his cousin Clyde's farm with Gwen and Max. Right?" Julie asked as Ben shrugs.

"Well, before that we met one of Ghostfreak's henchmen on a farm, but Clyde's mom is a LOT more easy going than that workhorse…" said Ben as he rubbed his neck. "Heck, in comparison, it was actually more fun since they DID have it be more advanced. I just had to help pick stuff out of the garden and stuff. She even let me drive the tractor once."

"Why only once?" asked Rook. There was a brief silence from the Omnitrix bearer until he finally breathed out a shaky shudder, body instinctively trembling at the thought.

"The Scarecrow incident...don't ask, long story." Ben said, as the ship was going towards the planet...but had to maneuver through some fireworks. "Whoa! Missiles!"

"I thought you guys were farmers!" Julie screamed out in shock as Rook just chuckled at how panicky they were.

"They are what you would call 'fireworks'; we fire them off every year to fend off the rodents. They do not like fire." Rook explained as Ben nods (albeit still rather disturbed by the close call), Julie sighing a bit in relief. Finally, with the conclusion of its descent, the ship landed outside of a mountainous area; its high cliffs laiden with dark blue-green grass and light brown stone.

The three went out as Ship looked around curiously, slinking around as Rook gave a wave to the people. They all had similar appearances to Rook; all had a similar color of periwinkle and the eyes were the same red color with yellow sclera but wore mostly dark brown attire with white collars and rims on their sleeves and wrappings on their bare feet, revealing four-toed pawed feet.

They all looked warily at them as Ben looked a bit as they went to a larger ranch-styled home, which had a sort of crest on the door; it looked like a chess piece, a Rook, but with a rounded top like a silo and a small spear head in the middle.

A small female Revonnahgander with a brown dress and a fuzzy periwinkle and dark purple furred belt around her waist was playing around outside, chasing after a young male one with white face paint and a short raccoon-ringed cattail, giggling a bit before she paused, seeing Rook. "Blonco has returned home!" She exclaimed as she, the boy and a preteen young girl all ran up, tackling into Rook with a laugh as the four went down, Rook just laughing.

"Shi, Shim, Young One. It is wonderful to see you three." Rook said, chuckling a bit as he ruffled the boy's hair. "And you have gotten bigger since I have seen you, small one."

"Gah! Blonco!" said the boy with a laugh as an older female Revonnahgander came out, smirking a bit. She was fairly attractive for a feline alien with thick purple lips as she came over and helped her brother up.

"Hello older brother. Good to see you return." The young woman smiled as she looked at his team curiously. "And this is…?"

"You do not know Ben 10? Shar, you are very much behind." said the youngest of the group as the newly dubbed Shar just pushed him down a bit.

"Do not tease, Brat. I am not obsessed with Tesser bursts like you are." Shar said as Rook chuckled sheepishly.

"Ben, Julie, Ship and Skurd, these are my siblings; the eldest of my younger siblings is Rook Shar, she is only about three years younger than I and is honestly the only one who is as mature as I. Then there is Shim, she is seven years younger and is quite shy, Shi is the second to youngest at nine years my junior but she's a bit of a wild one, and finally there is Young One. He still has his B'thack, but he is twelve years younger than I." Rook explained, as he chuckled. "But he is quite a trouble maker, that is for certain."

Ben chuckled as he ruffled Young One's head, making the boy chuckle a bit sheepishly. "Don't worry, I was kinda one myself at about your age." Ben looked around the farm, which had a large field filled with large stones littering the land with strange fruits growing out of vines wrapped around it. The stone appeared to be aged, but algae growing from it.

"What is this?" Julie asked, looking at a rather green-looking bud on one of them and tapped it, but it gave off a rather hard sound. "'s like a rock…"

"That is because it is not ripe. Amber Ogia is quite hard when in its young stage." Shar explained as Julie nods as Rook picked up a sickle-like instrument and cut off one of the larger, coconut-sized amber-hued berries and handed them each to Ben and Julie.

"This is the true form of Amber Ogia." Rook said as he took a bite of the juicy fruit, the liquid escaping down his cheeks as he sighed a bit. "Ah...very fresh still. It is a good year."

Ben and Julie both looked at the berries as they shrug, Ben taking a small piece off for Skurd to try as they all looked at it. "When in Rome… or… Revonnah, I guess," Ben muttered as they all took a bite of the fruit in their hands. The two took a moment to take the taste in; it was a very sweet fruit, akin to a grape, but it also had a bit of tang like an orange or grapefruit.

"Mmm…" Julie sighed as she swallowed a bit. "I can see why you raved about this fruit, Rook. It's really tasty." Ben nods, finishing his up quickly as Skurd swallowed it.

"Indeed. It has a faint tartness to the end however, but it is quite rich." Skurd said.

"Huh, didn't take you as a culinary expert, Skurd," Ben could not help but dryly comment in amusement with a broad smirk.

"I am many things, Tennyson; you haven't even scratched the surface on half of them," Skurd shot back with a snort. Ship sniffed at the juices that were dripped, curious as it sniffed at it, but the door to the main building opened, revealing two adult figures to come out. One was a much older Revonnahgander male with thick sideburns going into a thick white beard, and a older woman with a turban-styled cap on her head, a dark blue diamond-like object attached to her forehead.

"Blonco, it is good to see you." said the older woman as she came over and hugged the young man, who hugged her back with a smile before he walked nervously to his father and putting a hand out, which he took with a small but stern smile.

"Indeed. Good to see you for harvest." he said as he noticed Ben and Julie, who gave sheepish smiles as his face got very serious. "And...these are our guests, yes?"

"Eyes, they are." Rook nervously stated as he looked at his friends. "Ben, Julie, Ship, Skurd. These are my parents; Rook Da and Rook Bralla." Suddenly the sound of footsteps is heard, as a yawn is heard.

"Da, what is that? Am I hearing my first grandchild?" asked a older voice as Bralla chuckled a bit, Da sighing a bit as he looks behind him.

"Yes Mother. And he has brought offworlder guests." said Da, making Ben and Julie look at each other at the word 'outworlder', as the sound of a cane is coming out of the building.

"Well, do not be rude, Da." said a voice as a walking stick bonked Da on the head, making him cringe a bit as he rubbed his now sore head as an elderly Revonnahgander came out, smiling at Blonco. She had dark purple fur with faint white streaks on the sides of her long, periwinkle hair, a red diamond in display inbetween her hair. Her eyes were cat-like with red irises and yellow sclera and wore intricate face paint; it was white in color but with three black stripes on her forehead and two on her cheeks with dark blue spots around the two stripes and black lipstick on her lips, and wearing a simple dark brown dress-like attire like her granddaughters but with black pants under it and light brown tape around her feet. With her at all times is a 5-foot long walking stick with what appears to be small bobbles wrapped around it in thread.

"Hello, Grandmother Rafi." said Rook, hugging the older woman who hugged him back with a small smile before she backed up...and bonked him on the head. "OW!" he exclaimed in pain, rubbing his now sore head as Rafi was giving him a glare.

"Rook Blonco, you never write! I know you are saving the universe, but a message is not too much to ask." Rafi remarked in annoyance as Rook rubbed his slowly forming bump, chuckling sheepishly.

"...well, that's… one way to greet family," Ben muttered sheepishly, adjusting the collar of his shirt and nervously glancing to the side. 'Okay, I am getting some SERIOUS deja vu here,' he thought to himself, '...but where from…?'

"And I thought my Oba was smothering…" Julie muttered in shock as the two coughed a bit and waved a bit with a smile. Rafi looked at them and nods.

"Well, what are you two waiting for? It is freezing out here, you hairless creatures will catch a death of cold if you do not come in. I shall help Bralla and Da with food." Rafi said as she led the two inside.

"She is quite...hospitable…" Skurd said, using the best word to describe her. Suddenly a soft growl is heard, surprising the off worlders.

"Ah, Spotty is here." Rook chuckled a bit as something came out of a living room area, growling softly as a large feline had a sleek green fur with orange spots coating it, small horns growing behind each ear and dark brown eyes with yellow sclera. Ben and Julie nearly leapt back at the sight of the beast, while Ship instead tilted his head curiously. Shi and Shim both eagerly hugged the large creature, giving it affection as it purred faintly.

"Ah...a Valley Smaou...good choice in breed…" Skurd muttered in fascination as Ship slinked over, curious. Spotty noticed him, giving a confused growl as the large feline and the canine-like blob looked at each other, as if silently communicating before the two stopped and Ship moved back over to Julie, as if giving an okay.

"...what was that?" Julie asked in confusion as the large feline came over and purred softly, rubbing against the two as Julie giggled a bit, petting the horned leopard-like animal as Ben did the same, feeling her silky soft fur.

Da walked over to Rafi as he whispers, "Kundo would not be pleased…" Rafi just rolled her eyes at that, waving her hand dismissively.

"Tut-tut, my son. That old fool is stuck in archaic ways. Remember, it is proper Revonnahgander tradition to welcome guests into home, even off worlders. It is only when they prove to be troublesome is when we need to put up our walls. And we already do that with the vermin." Rafi said, her tone sharp as Da just nods, frowning still.

Later, with Ship resting on a chair, Rook's family, Ben and Julie were all at the table with a large variety of alien food in front of them. " this food made from Amber Ogia?" Ben asked as Da just calmly nods.

"Indeed. The flesh and juice of Amber Ogia can be used for a variety of things in meals. The leaves are also used as fuel for smoking meats." Rook said as he took a few slices of meat and a casserole-like dish.

Ben used some food as Young One looked up at him eagerly. "What is it like to transform your shape?" The shapeshifting hero had to think about that answer for a second.

"It's like a good stretch at first, but then you feel a slight tingling in your muscles for a few seconds. Sometimes, you need to pop a socket back in place, but that usually doesn't happen… anymore." Ben then chuckled as he says, "Heck, whenever I turn into rock aliens, it's usually really cool like rock or diamond starts to grow on my skin."

"Ahem. May you please use proper language at the table, Mr. Tennyson?" Bralla asked politely as he just nods sheepishly before he went to pick up a utensil, causing snickering to occur from the sisters.

"...what?" Julie asked, as she had picked up a strange fork-like utensil, looking at it oddly as a Room quickly took it from them both.

"That is a back scratcher." Rook said, making Julie cringe a bit as Skurd drank some juice through a straw. Shi and Shim both giggled as Julie dropped the utensil with disgust as Ben only cringed.

"Who brings back scratchers to the table?" Ben asked, but before anyone could answer, a knock is heard at the window. Spotty heard it and used her nose to open it. Outside was a feminine Revonnahgander with violet fur, dark hair tied into a ponytail with what looks like crystals in the shape of flowers, and a yellow dress.

"Oh, hello Spotty." She said with a smile, petting the large feline which gave a loud purr. She looked inside and smiled. "Oh...hello Blonco. It's good to see you again." She came in through the window as Rook came over, smiling at her as the girls all giggled, confusing Ben and Julie.

"Rayona, it is good to see you." Rook said, the two sharing a hug as Julie clicked on it, realizing who this was as she looked at Ben, who nods in understanding… and the mother of all playful smirks broke across his face. Julie was quick to shoot him down, however, with a razor-sharp stare; Ben swiftly taking a step back and whistling innocently.

"Yes, hello Rayona. You staying for dinner or did you come to say hello?" asked Da, his voice still rough but his face softened slightly, showing that he liked the girl some as Rayona shook her head.

"I appreciate the offer, Rook Da. But I came to visit Blonco, we have only talked through tesser burst since he left home." Rayona said, leaning against Blonco as Bralla gave a small chuckle, as if knowing something that she didn't know.

Shar leaned over and says, "Every girl in the village has their eyes on Blonco, but Rayona was the only one get his." Ben and Julie both looked at Rook with a curious look, but Ben just chuckled.

"Rook? Mr. 'By the Book Tightwad' himself? A chick magnet?" Ben asked in disbelief as Rook only gave him a small frown in annoyance. "...bow-chika-bow-wow…" he whispered quietly, flashing Rook a playful wink. Julie rolled her eyes as Skurd only snickered in amusement.

"What does 'tightwad' mean?" Shi asked, looking at Shim curiously as Shim just whispered something to her, as she gave an 'aah' in understanding.

Rafi smiled but then heard something, making her frown a bit as she says, "Da...there is something near by." Da nods, understanding her instincts as he got a small torch-like device and went out the door, looking around cautiously as the others went to the window to see what was coming.

Da looked around cautiously before he heard a snarl near by as Spotty came outside, wanting to aid her master as the feline's fur went brittle, the horns on her head extending. Da noticed this and got his blaster at the ready as a large creature came out, growling a bit. It was a dark pink creature with a pig-like snout with small tusks coming out of its lower jaw and armored skin on it's back with rat-like arms and legs. The creature screeched at him as it jumped at him.

Da ducked to the side as he got the blaster and fired a small burst of flames, making it screech back in fear. It got up on it's hind legs and swiped at him, making Da yell out in pain as he felt the claws get to his side. Spotty roared as it slashed at it's armored back, making it squeal in pain before it rolled away, Da clutching his side with a grimace.

"Father!" Rook said as he and his siblings ran to their father, who only cringed at the injury from the claws as Julie came over, checking with a frown. Rook watched the animal cautiously as Spotty growled a bit. "A Muroid that stands on its hindlegs? That is odd.." Rook muttered as he went to help his father, Shar aiding in getting him inside. Ben looked out to the fields, frowning a bit as he was in thought.

Later in the evening, Ben was resting in Rook and Young One's bedroom; Julie was staying with Shar and the other girls, so Ben was given a room with a series of posters with images of a young man wearing armor with a gauntlet on his arm.

"Ben, can I see your hero device?" Young One inquired, his childish innocence apparent as he looks at him curiously. Ben shrugs as he shows the Omnitrix to him. "Whoa…" He looked in awe as he pressed on it, revealing the face. "Unthinkable!"

"Yes, it's so very impressi-gah!" Skurd called out as Young One spun the face around, looking in awe at the faces on it. Skurd was crying out in shock as he was being spun around as Young one was moving it around.

"Whoa! There are so many! Who is this one? Why does this one look insectoid? What does this one do?" He was in a very rapid fire of question, but suddenly the Omnitrix shined from him spinning it randomly.

"Quick shift Mode DNA unlocked. Accelicorn DNA unlocked. Fuju-Kite DNA unlocked. Serpid DNA unlocked. Marinepod DNA unlocked. Taxerra DNA unlocked. Ursine Majorus Constrictor DNA unlocked. Creephobian DNA unlocked. Rictorite DNA unlocked. Miseripteron DNA unlocked. Maseran DNA unlocked" the Omnitrix calmly stated, making Skurd curious.

"My word." Skurd said in shock, looking at this as the radio beeped at this, making Ben and his 'AI' look up in curiosity as Young One eagerly took the radio out and put it on his ear.

"Your audio show is on. Father says that the extranet will rot your brain if you use it too much, but he lets me use this at least." Young One said as he turned it on so that Ben could hear it.

"Spormax, you have caused harm to these fine people for far too long. Come my friends, we shall defeat him and get a blended drink in celebration!" said a rather...cheesy voice as Ben looked faintly amused.

"Wow, unthinkable! Is that something that really happened?" Young One asked as Ben shrugs, chuckling a bit as Ben gave a small yawn before he leaned back, looking up at the ceiling before falling asleep, chuckling to himself over the child's enthusiasm.

( The northern fields. May 4th, 9:03 Earth time.)

The next morning, Ben and Julie began to work on the fields with Rook and his siblings, Da sitting on a chair next to his mother with Spotty resting near by her master. Rook wiped his brow as Ben looked at all the rocks around them that held the amber ogia.

"So, all these rocks are where the plants grow?" Ben asked as a large, white furred horse creatures with black stripes and cat-like features such as a cat-esque tail, ears and pawed hooves. began to walk around the village led by a young Revonnahgander as Rook gave a nod. "And what were those?"

"Torrabras. They are very sturdy mounts. Roockets tend to be faster though." Rook explained as Shi led a large, six-limbed rodent-esque creature that had brown fur with tan-colored spots, the creature having a mix between a mole and bull as it had four small horns growing on its heads and beady black cow eyes. "And that is a Pyroxivor. It's similar to your earth breed, but we made this one here on Revonnah."

"Whoa…" Ben said as he looks around at all the rocks and frowned, as Young one came over to Rook.

"Brother, mother is needing to tend to father's wounds. So I do not know how we are going to get fast enough to keep up with the other families." Young one said as Julie picked at it carefully to get the fruit out, Ship slinking around curiously.

"I think I got something." Ben said, as he looked through his selection of aliens. He then nods to Skud, who nods back as he slams down, turning into a four-foot tall humanoid alien with white skin with a black and white head with three horn-like growths, white face, along with black hands had four digits and stubby legs gem-like orbs on his arms and three button-like gems on his waist, clad in what looks like a black overall pair of pants with white lines on it, the Omnitrix insignia on his forehead with some small whiskers growing on his lower jaw.

"DITTO!" he said, grinning from ear to ear. He then began to split apart, surprising Da greatly as he watched this, but Young One just watched in clear awe at the sight of Ben transforming. The lead Ditto looked at his duplicates, 13 in total, as he nods. "Okay boys. They fed us and let us sleep here. It's only nice we help out with this." They all nod as he looks at them. "You half, you get the scythes. You half, hold the baskets. And be careful for once." They all saluted as they went to work, all of them doing a small whistling tune as they did so.

"Wow, this is really rustic." said one of the Dittos, looking over the scythe as he began to get the vines, slashing through the stems and tapping it with his staff and sliding the fruits into the basket as another did the same, showing off some by flipping it into it with the other catching it.

"We are in farm country." Another stated as they continued to work, helping the family get through quickly as one noticed Ship heading to the fence, looking curious as he set down the basket to follow after him. Ship slinked under, the Ditto following after.

"Hey little guy, get back here!" said Ditto as he ran after them before Ship bumped into someone who was doing the morning rounds, who looked down at him with anger.

"Ugh, filthy monster!" the older being said as he got what looked like a mix between a bo staff and a sickle, raising the blade up and making Ship squeak in fear as it curled up into a ball, but Ditto got in front of him and caught the top of the staff with a second Ditto haven spawn out of the top of him.

"Whoa-whoa-whoa!" said the two Dittos in unison. The top one glared as he gave the older Revonnahgander a glare. "What the heck, pal? Why were you gonna shish-kabob my friend?" The older Revonnahgander standing before him wore a dark red and blue monk-like robe, a bead necklace around his neck and a pair of black pants under it, his eyes were dark orange with yellow sclera.

"A Splixion? On Revonnah? What is an offworlder like you doing in my village?" asked the man with a scowl as Da and Rook ran out with the other Dittos.

"Yeah, I sensed that." said one of the other Dittos as Rook came over and separated the two Dittos, which gave off a beeping sound as they all flew back together and turned back into Ben, who glared up at the older man.

"Master Kundo, what is going on?" Rook asked, as Ben just looked at him oddly before picking up a still shivering Ship, who was likely scared he'd get hurt.

"This abomination came out of nowhere and I went to defend myself." said Kundo, making Ben's eyes narrow in annoyance.

"'Defend yourself'? All Ship did was bump into your leg! That's about as threatening as a puppy rubbing its head against you." Ben said, annoyed as Da scowled at this, but Rook got in between the two.

"Master Kundo, this is my guest; the hero of the Highbreed War and the Ascalon crisis, Ben Tennyson. The creature there is Ship, one of the beings who went to Atrosia to help take on the Highbreed Supreme." Rook explained, as Kundo growled as he was about to say something, when a cough is heard.

"Somethin' goin' down here?" asked a voice as the four looked up to see a large Torrabra coming up, wearing a white saddle with the Plumber insignia on each side before the rider came off, standing over 6 and a half feet tall was a jade green humanoid with 2 inch-long tusk-like growths on his lower jaw, blue eyes with black sclera and a small snout-like nose with a very thick dark gray mustache etched around his face. He is attired in a dark gray shirt under a brown jacket with lightning bolt-shaped fringes on the front, a pair of black slacks and his Plumber badge in the shape of an 8-pointed star on his right side, a revolver attached to his belt, and black size 30 boots with two sets of spurs on the back of each and dark gray gloves on his hands.

"Nothing is wrong, Watt-Sen. As long as your fellow outsider keeps to himself." Kundo sneered as he walked by, as he gave Da a small glare, making him back up slightly which Ben caught, frowning a tad as a result.

"...Well, he was charming." Skurd muttered to himself, his tone flat as a sheet as Ben just nods in agreement, petting Ship to comfort him as Wat-Senn sneered a bit.

"Don't mind him none. That's just Kundo, he's head of this village. Part of some sort of high order of martial arts or somethin', I dunno." he said as he looks at Ben with his blue eyes. "Wait…'Tennyson'? You're related to Max, am I right?" Ben just nods as the giant smirked a bit. "Heh, that old dog ain't dead yet? He's still as tough as ever. De name's Wat-Senn, Ric'dan Wat-senn. I'm the sheriff 'round these parts since the Highbreed invasions."

"Nice to meet you." Ben said, shaking his hand as Da went back to the house, concern clear on his face as Rook looked concern. He looked at Ben and leaned over to him.

"Ben, I would highly recommend to not get too close to Kundo. Let me just say I do not wish to see how he is when he is annoyed." Rook said as Julie ran over, Ben handing her Ship as the alien curled in her arms, whimpering a bit.

"It's okay, Ship, I'm here." she reassured, holding the small blob in a comforting manner as Rook motioned them along. The two followed after him to go into the village, as he got a small list.

"Mother told me and Young One to go out shopping, you are free to come with." Ben and Julie both nod as Young one tagged along, smiling up at the two as he looked around eagerly.

"Just getting some supplies for supper tonight. Plus it is nice to get to see the other villagers." Rook said, looking around the village. It was a rather closed off community with a 16 foot wall around them, but the people seemed content as many children were running around. Many shopkeepers were opening up, getting things such as pottery, rugs and many other forms of trading goods out as they walked around.

Ben looked at the bustling community, but the wall made him a little uneasy before he heard some groaning near by. The group then ran over and saw a few annoyed Revonnahgander, who were looking at a large rock that came from an overhanging peak. "What's wrong?" Julie inquired, concerned if anyone got hurt.

"Just this cursed fell from up there and now it is corrupting our path. We need to move it somehow, but the Pyroxivor are not that strong." Said the man as Ben looked at the others and nods, backing them up before he got his Omnitrix at the ready and slamming down...before everyone watched in curiosity as a new alien started to take form, forming into a round shape.

"..Where did you get this one from?" Julie asked in confusion sa before them was a large, red creature with a rounded humanoid build and a black helmet-styled head with yellow-green eyes, but with a large mouth on his abdomen with large teeth and black lips, medium-sized arms with fairly large four-fingered hands in comparison to a human (akin to a gorilla's), yellow bulbs on his arms and dinosaur-like feet and a long tail, clad in a white pair of pants with black boots and white and black gloves with elbow-length sleeves attached, the Omnitrix insignia on his neck area attached to a collar of sorts.

"...What the?" asked Skurd in clear confusion as he got a small log out and began to read it over. "...Huh, Makuyama DNA...must've gotten it from that Mot character from last week."

"Unthinkable! You are Slapstrike from the show!" said Young One eagerly, as Ben only raised a would-be eyebrow at that. He then looked at his fairly large hands at this time.

"Slapstrike? Eh, I don't want to mess with the show with that's...Slamstrike? That Mot was pretty good at that." said the newly dubbed Slamstrike, looking up at the rock with a frown as he cracked his knuckles and went to lift it but even as he lifted it, he started to teeter before putting in it back down. "Okay, this rock is WAY too awkward...maybe I can just smash it to pebbles?"

"That can work. Just be careful." Rook said as Julie looked at the rock and moved Ben to a good spot, nodding as she pats it.

"Around this spot can do. It'll make sure no rock debris hits the others." Julie said as Slamstrike nods and tried to punch at it, but it only moved a bit. He growled a bit before slamming his fist against it, releasing a pulse of energy and cracking it. That surprised many as a perfect imprint of his palm was in it.

"Whoa…" said Slamstrike as Skurd looked up at him with a small chuckle.

"Did you not know? Makuhamas are able to release powerful concussive bursts of energy from their palms." Skurd explained as Slamstrike smirked a bit as he backed up, concentrating as he powered up a small bit of energy on his hands...and smirked largely.

"AhahaHA!" he said as he began to palm strike the air, releasing energy towards the rock as it began to blast at he began to give off an odd battle cry;


He smirked as he continued to strike at it before he gave it a crude gra of sorts and slams it hard with his it suddenly sent the now much smaller boulder flying into the sky with a small 'ding' in the distance...leaving an awkward silence as they saw that.

"...Nothing like overkill…" Skurd muttered as Slamstrike gave the group a rather sheepish grin. Rook and Julie both shared a sigh as the other Revonnahgander were looking at the sky with shock.

"Better turn back…" Slamstrike palmed down as he gave a sheepish look as Rook looked at Young one and gave him the list and a bag of coins.

"Take this and buy the supplies. I am going to show Ben and Julie the hunters." Rook said quickly as he pushed them along, confusing the two with his panic as Young One just shrugs, heading off to get the stuff.

Back at the Rook Family farm, Da was currently looking at a dusty, aged item in his room; a broken sickle with an inscription carved into it, likely by hand. It read 'Looking to the stars always.' He sighed a bit as he put the broken tool back into a wooden box in an open drawer by his bedside. Staring out into the distance, he closed his eyes and uttered a small whisper; a prayer of some sorts, in his native tone.

Later, the three Plumbers were near the outskirts of the village but heading towards a large set of doors with Rayona walking by, giving a small smile as Rook nods, smiling at her as they passed her. Julie watched this and smirked a bit as she says, "Easy there, lady killer."

"Wouldn't want to make your girl jealous now, would we? Or is Mr. By-The-Book a heartbreaker too?" Ben teased as Rook punched his arm with a grunt and roll of his eyes.

"...Well...I think I should tell you…" Rook said, seeing Rayona pass as he makes sure no one else was nearby. Julie noticed that her normally serious and calm friend looked fidgety, even nervous, as he got a small box out. "I have something for Rayona. I always kept in contact with her through messages, but...I am wanting her to my wife I guess I can say."

Skurd looked at this with shock as Julie squealed in excitement, hoping a bit in elation at the idea of that. Ben gave him a wry grin. "Wow, that's pretty cool, man. Take it you're gonna ask when you get a chance?" Rook gave a nod as Ben pats his shoulder, giving a teasing smirk. "Just don't wake the base up, kay?"

"Wait, why would-" Rook's eyes widen for a second when he realized what he meant by that and gave him a small scowl in annoyance as he mutters, "That is not humorous…"

"Oh, on the contrary," Ben began with a snort, "It was hilari-"

Suddenly there was a roar outside of the wall, making the three go wide eyed. They all got into the defensive, looking around cautiously.

"Ship, scanner!" Julie said as Ship morphed into a helmet for her to wear as she checked outside, frowning as she found someone running towards the door. "We need to get out there, now." Rook looked a little apprehensive at that, but Ben was quick on the move as he slams down on his Omnitrix.

"Bloxx!" Bloxx cried out as he shoved the doors open with expanded fists, opening the doors wide before the guards could react before seeing another Revonnahgander...wearing something different from the other Revonnahgander inside of the walls; he had white face paint on his face like others, but wore a dark violet robe with red rims, looking similar to Kundo.

"Help! There is a monster in the woods! They attacked my village!" said the man as Bloxx looked confused and squinted a bit. Soon as he caught sight of this 'monster', his eyes shrank to the size of dots; the Revonnahgander exhaling a sharp gasp of horror. It was a very large Muroid, about triple in size of the usual with razor sharp tusks and glowing orange eyes, wearing what looks like a helmet-like device on his head. It roared out loud, a pig-like squeal that rumbled like thunder, as it charged towards the Revonnahgander.

"You two, take him inside! Julie, Rook, with me!" said Bloxx as Skurd's spread over to his arms and began to form into magma-like arms, akin to Heatblast. Bloxx then morphed them into maces, glaring ahead as Rook got his Proto-Tool into a bo staff-like form as Julie saw some nearby flares and got an idea.

"Ship, let's add some new armor." she said, motioning to the two blasters as Ship nods, zipping over and collecting the small flares. He then formed over Julie as his armor began to shift and change over, gaining a set of armor with a draconic look to it with a horned helmet, a green screen in what looks to be a 'mouth' and glowing rims on the sides, the green lines taking more zigzagged forms to make it look like fire with swirls on the top with Ship's eye forming on her breastplate, with each hand becoming a set of blasters with a dragon-like head on the end of each gun.

"Whoa, so that's how that's done." Bloxx said, dodging the Muroid's claws before punching it with a mace-like hand as it roared out in annoyance from the fire. Julie then fired out a blast of flames from her wrist-mounted flamethrowers as Rook slammed into it; the great beast smashing its body down onto the earth. The force of its weight created a shockwave, dispelling the flames as the beast gave a roar.

"Okay...This form will not do…"Skurd muttered as many people began to appear, Young One sneaking through the crowd to see what is going on as Bloxx slammed down, making his body shine as he began to turn

"What in the-?!" Ben yelled out with a small whiny in his tone, turning into a humanoid equine creature that is about nine feet tall with white fur,three-fingered hands that have thick hoof-like features that are light blue in color, a muscular but lean build with a black mane tied in a ponytail with a curved blue horn coming out of his forehead, yellow-green eyes with black pupils under a spartan-style helmet and wearing black armor with white padding, with his lower body connecting to a strange looking 'wheel'-like protrusion that looks like a large light blue orb made out of a sort of pearl-like shape, with his belt having the Omnitrix insignia on it. "I'm a horse?!"

"You are now looking like did you even get that one?" asked Rook, confused as Skurd tapped his chin.

"Must've been one of the aliens the boy unlocked last night. You may be able to get this alien for some good use." said Skurd. "Looks like friendship really IS-"

"If you dare finish that sentence, Skurd-!" the newly-shapeshifted hero began; trying his best to move onto the offense...but was having some awkward time keeping his balance. "A-Ah crud!" the horse alien said awkwardly as he tries to keep balance. With a clumsy flail, by some miracle, he caught the Muroid; his pearl-like wheel spinning in reverse to try and slow it down as his hooved hands and horns began to faintly glow.

"Hold him still, Ben!" Julie said as she fired a ball of fiery energy at it, making it roar out as it got hit and got back a bit, roaring out as the fires were formed, resulting in it to swat at the flames with a snarl.

"Come on…" Ben said; the horn's glow suddenly flaring up before projecting an orb of white-hot energy. The blast smashed into the Muroid, exploding into a white fireball-like burst and knocking it back a bit. "Whoa…Unitaur nothing...I'm callin' him Uniburn!" he said with a smirk, clenching his fists with a pump as Rook ran over to the creature, his hand glowing a bit.

"Stone Cutter!" He said as he punched it in the face, sending it flying as Rook panted a bit, glaring ahead as he looks up. "Hmm...let's go to the woods...there could be something there." Rook said as Uniburn and Julie nods, both following after him as Uniburn looked around.

"Hmm…" Uniburn looked around cautiously as his wheel was having some trouble getting around certain terrain. Quick to react, Skurd grew out some of Stinkfly's legs on the equine's side. Uniburn then noticed something outside of the village; a large altar of some kind. "What the…?" he asked as he read over the spot written in the stone. "Hey Skurd, can you translate this?"

"Of course." Skurd said as he read it over. "It's in Revonnahgander language, of course. It reads, 'To the brave hero who had dreams of touching the stars. Lie here among the harvest…'" Skurd's eyes squinted a bit, as if trying to see if he read the name right. "'Beloved hero...Magister Rook Fra'?"

"'Rook Fra'? A relative of Rook's?" Uniburn asked, frowning a bit as he looked around, rubbing his chin at this. "Okay, so his relative was a Plumber...but wha-" Suddenly there was a beep from his Omnitrix. "What's up?"

"Ben, we found something! Follow the signal!" Julie said in a panic. Uniburn spun towards that spot, moving quickly around the jungle as he got on a flatter stretch of land...only to stop when he saw a large collection of upturned earth and torn apart rocks.

"Bralla Dah…" Rook whispered in horror, as Uniburn turned back into Ben. Skurd shook his head, scowling as Julie's helmet went down and Ship whimpered a bit. "This entire field...was ravaged."

"This ain't just a big rat...something worse is here…" Ben said, looking around with a scowl. "We better prepare for what's to come. And I think I got an idea...what time do we put the harvest away?"

"Tonight, why?" Rook inquired as Ben had a small motion to get the idea to them. A little confused, they both nodded as Skurd looked back to where they found that monument, deep in thought...

(The Village Square. 18:45)

"A good first day." Da said, nodding as everyone of the farmers got their food together to celebrate the first day of the harvest festival as many amber ogia berries were being put into a large silo-like device, as Julie only looked up and wrote it down on her notes.

"Okay...I am doing some math...and this stuff should likely last for a whole year, if a few months after." Julie said as Rook nods, chuckling a bit before he noticed Ben with the kids, entertaining them as the new Slamstrike alien.

"Heh, ease up kids." said Slamstrike said, as he went over to some of the catering spots for one of the berries to have a snack, only for him to notice it had a darker orange color as well as a light green top. "What in the…?" he asked, looking it over as he says, "This looks from the other berries."

"What do you mean?" asked Young One as Slamstrike began to squeeze it...only for the large fingers to squish the berry with ease, making him cringe in disgust as it began to seep around his hand.

"Ah...ah boy...t-that's just...UGH…" Slamstrike said as he tried to wipe his hands with the other...only to get it stuck together. "What the-okay, this fruit was NOT this sticky before!" He tried to get it off, but was stuck together. "...oh NO…"

"How did that happen?" Da asked, walking over as Skurd looked at it and sniffed, but gagged a the smell. An impressive feat given he has no gag reflex to speak of.

"I think there is some rotten fruit in the bunch…" Skurd groaned in disgust, as Da scowled at that accusation.

"What do you mean? I never seen Amber Ogia go bad before it is picked." Da said as Rafi came over, looking it over with a chuckle.

"Must've been from a bad vine. Come on." She then got something from a vial in her pocket and began to pour the water-like liquid onto it with a few drops, causing the sticky material to dissolve. "The rotten berries are usually picked first. The Muroids must've disrupted this harvest from the early morning. We use the sticky juices to make the adhesives to keep the houses together."

Slamstrike nods but then hears something in the distance, frowning a tad as he says, "Anyone else hear that?" Everyone looked up and, in shock, see the wall getting broken down by something… and, with a great bellow, the giant Muroid tore straight through. This time, however, it was flanked by many smaller ones; all of them wearing strange helmets on their heads as they screeched out.

"They are here! Warriors! To me!" Da said as he cringed a bit, holding his side a tad but got a blaster at the ready, many others doing the same. Ship nods as he forms into a cannon that Julie got inside of, getting ready to blast the larger one.

Slamstrike looks at Skurd as he nods, slamming down as he turns into Rath, roaring out as he jumps at them and slammed them around. "LEMME TELL YA SOMETHIN', GIANT ARMADILLA RAT PIGS! Rath is gonna take you all to PAIN TOWN! AND THEN SERVE YA UP AS PORK...armadilla...rat… CHOPS!" Skurd then grew out Four Arms' extra limbs to give some more punching power.

A Muroid hissed a bit as it charged at Shim. With a pounce and a roar, however, it was swatted aside effortlessly by two of Rath's appendages; the Appoplexian landing in a crouching stance, growling fiercely. The Muroids hissed as they jumped at Rafi, but she just slammed it to the side; spinning around to sweep-kick another, tripping it up and following up with a palm strike, sending it hurtling into a third.

Shim and Shi cheered for their grandma as she did a backhand to one that tried to jump at her. "LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHIN', ROOK'S GRANNY... ROOK...YOU ARE AWESOME!" Rath said, grinning widely at the sight of that, kicking aside one of the Muroids.

"...Am I the only one with a normal grandparent in this team?" Julie said in a joking tone as she fired a torrent of flame towards the Muroid giant; the great beast hissing in annoyance from the blows. Spotty raced forward and bit onto it's tail, light orange blood spurting out as the creature roared out in pain.

Spotty jumped off and spat out the liquid, shaking her head in disgust. Rath saw this and accelerated forward, roaring out, "BELOW ORION'S BELT!" He elevated one leg into the air and smashed his foot into its gut with a great roundhouse kick, making the beast roar out as he nods. "Rook Blonco, now!"

"On it!" Rook said as he jumped forward, his hand shimmering a bit. "STONE CUTTER!" he cried out as he punched the beast in the face, launching it hurtling back. The Muroid flopped and skidded across the ground, before slumping down; out cold with a weak groan. Rath belted out a hearty laugh of triumph as Ship barked a bit, glaring at a spot as he turned back into his blob form.

"What?" asked Skurd as he and Rath turned to see someone making up with a basket of Amber Ogia...only to be stopped by Wat-Senn, glaring down at the smaller man. His dark blue eyes were narrowed darkly, hand going for his pistol over the much shorter perpetrator.

"Don't make me whip this out, boy…" the giant stared him down before picking him up, surprising the alien as he lifted him up to get him into the light. He was exposed to be a figure dressed in a red and black jumpsuit with a silver belt and goggles over its eyes, with yellow silts for sight. It screeched in fear, trying to wiggle free.

"Wait...that's-" Julie began as a whistle is heard, making all the still conscious smaller Muroids run off with whatever they could pick up as they ran away through the hole, the giant still out cold as Kundo arrived, seeing the disarray.

"What is going on?" Kundo asked in a dangerously low tone, his eyes going right for Rath and Wat-Senn as the large tiger turned towards Kundo with a growl

"LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHIN', JERKISH PROUD WARRIOR RACE GUY WHOSE NAME RATH CAN'T REMEMBER RIGHT NOW!" Rath began in protest, throwing his arms out in the air, but Rook quickly shook his head to try and stop the angry feline.

"We got attacked by this giant the one the other Revonnahgander explained to us earlier today." Rafi interrupted, giving him a scowl. "It wasn't a 'trick of fancy' like you tried to make it out to be earlier at the meeting." She then motions to the unconscious beast, who groaned. Kundo scowled at the way she spoke however, not liking the contraction in the way she said the insult to him.

Kundo merely scoffed, knocking out the accusation as he explains to the other villagers, "I do not take the word of some outsider. The word of our own people should be what we care of, not the madness of someone who has no affiliation to our needs." In a flash of emerald green, Rath was replaced once more by Ben; his fist clenched and an angry scowl etched across his usually jovial face.

"Hey, he isn't just some outsider. He's a Revonnahgander, like you!" Julie said, as Kundo gave her a warning glare at this as he kept his composure however.

"Everyone...emergency meeting...Wat-Senn, you keep your fellow outsiders here. Rook are to come with us." Kundo said, as Rook gave a small nod as the villagers all followed, Ben and Julie sharing a concerned look.

"That's comforting," Ben sarcastically spat, glaring daggers into Kundo's back, relaxing his fist and resisting the temptation to do something he'd usually regret. But he was worried for his friend's sake...

(Continued in Part 2)

Ben 10 Guardians S2: Tennyson in Farmlandp1
DUe to how long I made this chapter and the fact that apparently there is a limit on how big a file can be on, I kinda had to condense it to two parts. Don't worry, it'll be out as one thing. Well, thanks again :iconbrave-king-shishio: for your help on this, as well as :iconchann1:, :iconzigwolf: and :iconkevfilms2x2: for ideas.

Synopsis: Ben and Julie go with Rook to a harvest festival on his home planet, though Ben has a hard time fitting in with Rook's family, which leads to some awkward moments with his much more stingy parent. But Ben can get a second chance, as he has to help stop Fistrick and Vulcanus from taking the food supply from the people of Ravanha.

I only own my own characters. Anything else belongs to their creators and Man of Action and Cartoon Network.

Link to part 2:…
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